Grilled Cheese with Truffle Oil, Avocado, Bacon

These new cold temperatures have us all wanting to hide by a fire this weekend. We’ve got the perfect recipe for you to try out tonight, or perhaps as you meander into Saturday afternoon. This quick and easy truffle grilled cheese with bacon and avocado goes perfect with tomato soup. Happy eating!


Ingredients for Two Delicious Grilled Cheese Sandwiches:

You’ll need…

– Four pieces of your favorite bread – we make ours homemade daily
– Four strips bacon — cook how you like!
– One ripe avocado – perfect for slicing (We know timing avocado is pretty much luck of the draw!)
– Four slices of your favorite cheese. We like American, but Gouda is a delicious alternative for more flavor.
– Bodacious Olive Truffle Olive Oil – snag a bottle from the store today, we know you’ll use it all Winter Long once you taste this delightful recipe!
How to:

  1. Cut Avocado into long, thin slices
  2. Start to prepare your tomato soup if you’ll be serving it along side the grilled cheese sandwich
  3. Cook your bacon as you like it and set aside on a paper towel to remove grease.
  4. Warm your olive oil in the pan and place your first slice of bread into the pan.
  5. Layer your cheese and bacon onto your first piece of bread.
  6. Add your avocado towards the end of the warming so it’s only warmed up slightly.
  7. Stack your next piece of bread on top.
  8. Flip!
  9. Wait until your bread is crispy…and delight in this great treat! Don’t forget your tomato soup.

Grab a seat by the fire and enjoy!