Did you know that our Bodacious Olive Extra Virgin oils and balsamic are the finest, freshest oils you can find in our area at the lowest, affordable prices?

Our products are also certified Gluten Free & Certified non-GMO. You can order our oil and balsamic collection online, or come taste in the store. We even suggest having your own tasting party!

Did you know that Olive Oil can help you stay healthy as well as make your food taste great? We suggest swapping for butter using our conversion chart.

Extra virgin olive oil benefits include:

  • Decreasing Inflammation
  • Reducing Risk of Heart Disease
  • Lowering Risk of Depression and Dementia
  • Fights against obesity

All of the olive oils we stock at Bodacious Olive have phenolic compounds and are presented to you a quality grade. In fact, we have a list of nutrient boosting powers next to each of our selections. These phenols aid in slowing down the natural oxidative process. They are also connected to the flavor profile of olive oil, such as pepper, bitterness and other desirable flavor characteristics.

We have loads of recipes for you to try on our blog as well. Here’s some additional ways to add olive oil to your diet from our experts: click here.

Our talented staff is excited to see you in our newly remodeled stores on Palafox, or online! Thanks for supporting Pensacola through your purchases with Bodacious Olive.

In good health,

The Bodacious Team