You may have heard rumors that Olive Oil isn’t key for pan frying your delicious treats – but we’re here to put that rumor to bed. You know by now, We are pro-Olive Oil…and, Olive Oil is a GREAT alternative to pan frying oils

Here’s a few ways Olive Oil can make frying a little healthier:

It can Stand the Heat

Up to 410 degrees, and Olive Oil still keeps it’s jam-packed nutritional benefits. Most oils tap out at 360 degrees. That’s a big win for when you need to get your veggies, meats, or treats crispy fast.

Olive Oil Improves Flavors

Especially if you pick a flavored version, for example, Harissa Olive Oil, has a nice spicy tang that would be great accompaniment to frying Asian inspired dishes. If you’re looking to fry up a batch of something new, ask one of our talented staff members to help you pick the right oil.

 No need to Fret about Purchase Cost

You can re-use it! Olive Oil is one of the most natural oils, making it easy for you to save for the next time your family gets excited about fried chicken. Studies show you can reuse olive oil, if not mixed with other fats or heavy seasonings, up to 4 times!

 Among all the frying oils.. It’s Healthiest and Lightest

A recent study showed frying vegetables in olive oil is actually healthier than boiling them. Might we say, it’s tastier too! Olive oil also has a lower fat content than other frying oils.

Here’s an example of frying Brussel sprouts in Harissa Olive Oil.

You can even fry up apples in our tangy balsamic for an added treat to a regular dessert.