The Bodacious Brew is now serving wine and we currently have three selections of red from which to choose!

borsao  Borsao Tinto Grenache/Tempranillo Blend: 
  The Wine Advocate stated that it is “possibly the single greatest dry red wine value in the world.”
  Characteristics:  medium-bodied, off-dry, ripe berries, hints of pepper, smooth finish, unoaked
brownstone-cabernet-sauvignon-12-3584-p  Brownstone Cabernet:
  Characteristics:  medium-bodied, off-dry, dried berries and green pepper notes, light oak.
The Grinder Pinotage  “The Grinder” Pinotage:
 Characteristics:   medium-bodied, dry, mocha, coffee and black cherry notes with a good bit of oakiness