Did you know that Olive Oil can help you stay healthy during the holiday season, and into the new year?

Extra virgin olive oil benefits include:

  • Decreasing Inflammation
  • Reducing Risk of Heart Disease
  • Lowering Risk of Depression and Dementia
  • Fights against obesity

As you can see, preventive medicine starts with food. Often we neglect our nutrition, especially during busy times such as the holidays, then we rely on sugary energy drinks, or coffee and candy to keep us running. This process dehydrates our bodies making us lethargic. When we’re tired, we crave carbs and more sugar to keep us running. This is a vicious cycle!

Many people assume they are getting olive oil benefits by cooking or sautéing in olive oil, but according to St. Ores, one of our experts at Bodacious Olive, they might be using a low-grade oil. Additionally, most of the properties associated with health benefits burn off when you cook with olive oil.
“You will know you have a high quality oil when you feel a bitter after taste,” St. Ores says.

All of the olive oils we stock at Bodacious Olive have phenolic compounds and are presented to you a quality grade. In fact, we have a list of nutrient boosting powers next to each of our selections. These phenols aid in slowing down the natural oxidative process. They are also connected to the flavor profile of olive oil, such as pepper, bitterness and other desirable flavor characteristics.

So, how do you ingest Olive Oil to receive the benefits of antioxidants?

The FDA confirms that the monounsaturated fats you’ll get from consuming two tablespoons daily may reduce your risk of disease. St. Ores added that there are ways you can incorporate olive oil into your diet without consuming it directly, such as using your EVOO in your salad dressings.

Start your regime today and stay healthy through this Winter weather and busy season. We’re here to help you find the right oil for you!